From The Datsuns to Aerosmith; 6 Music Videos That Feature Modern Roller Derby and Its Athletes

Written by Kevin Dennison

I touched upon the impact that roller derby has had on popular culture, and that popular culture has had in roller derby, in July’s post on the Playworld exhibit in Northampton and lately I have been thinking about it more and more. While yesterday’s post on the Chet Faker music video didn’t feature any actual derby girls, though it did have three PHENOMENAL skate dancers/performers, the following six videos either showcase the sport directly or at least feature some of the sport’s athletes in prominent roles:


The Datsuns – Girl’s Best Friend (2004)

“Girls Best Friend” was first released in the 2004 album Outta Sight/Outta Mind by New Zealand band The Datsuns, along with a badass music video that featured banked track roller derby, EMTs in skimpy nurse outfits, brutal fist fights and dog piles, the Los Angeles Derby Dolls (a team you’ll see mentioned multiple times on this list) and good ol’ fashioned rock & roll.


The Breeders – Fate to Fatal (2009)

Kim Deal + roller derby = so much awesome that it hurts. Arch Rival Roller Girls, I will forever be bitterly jealous of your time filming a music video for The Breeders. Seriously, ridiculously, bitterly jealous.


cKy – A#1 Roller Rager (2009)

The video is a strange mix of flat track roller derby, renegade roller derby, coed derby and Rollerball all mixed into one; featuring Hooligans Roller Derby and the Penn Jersey She Devils (now known as Penn Jersey Roller Derby).


Halestorm – It’s Not You (2010)

It’s not the most memorable song for me personally, however, this really cool video features the Jersey Shore Roller Girls dishing out some heavy hits and fast jams as Halestorm rocks out at center track.


The Flavor Savers – Roller Girl (2012)

In addition to the hilariously poor skating from the band, the creepy 70’s facial hair they’re all rocking and the fantastic booty shorts on each of the boys; this music video also heavily features the Chicago Outfit! It’s a catchy tune and a genuinely fun video. Well worth a look!


Aerosmith – Legendary Child (2012)

While the leading roll went to Spy Kids actress Alexa Vega, it is still flat out awesome that a number of all-star roller derby girls were predominately featured in an Aerosmith music video. Angel City Derby Girls skater Black Star Heroine played the roll of the evil punk rock chick while Rachel Rotten and, *insert fan squeal*, Fifi Nomenon (who now skates with Team USA and the Texas Rollegirls) performed as the two shady suits. Filling in the other rolls were Mental Skate, Sly Foxx, Heather Hooker and Hurt LockHer from the LA Derby Dolls.


Know of any other great music videos that contain roller derby? Share them with us in the comments below!


  1. Hello, I did once some reasearch my own: here’s the list, (Millionaire – champagne – just quads – no derby, but awesome!) (Motek feat Gent GO-GO Roller Girls) (the vanishers ) (Tomorrow We Radio feat Leeds Roller Dolls) (centerpunch featuring the Big Easy Roller Girls) (Nashville pussy feat Austin’ roller girls)

    towers of london

    stained blood (feat some derby girls)

    pet shop boys feat London Roller Girls

    Kinghiss feat Belgian Rollerderby

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