Accomplished Skaters Featured in Chet Faker’s Gold Music Video

Written by Kevin Dennison

If you haven’t watched it yet, take a few minutes to view this elegant and minimalistic music video featuring three female skaters dancing on their quads along a lonely highway in the dark of night. Personally, I think it is a genuinely gorgeous video. It is flawlessly edited with incredible choreography, excellent rhythm and a fantastic concept that managed to be elegant and simplistic all at once. Frankly, it is beautiful, sensual and mesmerizing.

So, just who are these amazing skaters? They are:

Candice Heiden, a well known Los Angeles roller girl who used to run the blog We RollerSkate (which is no longer viewable). She was also one of the skaters featured in Moby’s music video The Perfect Life (featuring vocals by Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips). A look at Heiden’s YouTube channel shows that she has made a few educational/instructional videos on roller skating as well.

April Corley, a professional roller skate performer who served as Roller Skate Choreographer Assistant during Madonna’s Confessions Tour, was one of the principle skate performers in Madonna’s “Sorry” music video and placed 2nd in World Class Pairs at the 1996 Artistic Roller Skating Nationals – Junior and Senior World Team Presentation.

Appelusa McGlynn, another professional roller skate performer, member of the Screen Actors Guild and an Artistic Roller Skating Coach at Northridge Skateland (1999-present) who has appeared as a skater in numerous commercials, television shows and films such as That 70’s Show, Glee and Gingerdead Man 3. She also coached for two distinct productions of Xanadu, one at Pepperdine University and one at The Met Theatre.

Give it a look and join me in applauding these talented women! Would love to see them out at a derby bout for a half-time show in the near future!

UPDATE : In September of 2015, while on vacation in Egypt, April Corley was severely injured during a military attack. Her boyfriend, Raphael Bejarano was tragically killed. April is now recovering and her family has set up a YouCaring page to seek aid in covering the costs of her extensive medical expenses. If you are able to give, please consider doing so! My thoughts are with April, her family, her friends, and all those affected by this incident.


  1. Thanks for the write-up here, you answered my questions about these ladies! Such as, “who are they?” & “why are they so good?!”

    1. You’re welcome, MJ! Took a bit of digging. I’m hoping to contact each of them to arrange interviews to discuss roller skate performing over the next week or so. Stay tuned!

    2. Beautiful. Chet faker with amazing choreography becomes sexy sensual. Hard to fine good dance anymore. As with love and feeling and no dignity chet faker is capable of art. Today I discovered this artist tomorrow I will discovery more.

      1. Great post! These women are so talented and elegant! I’d forgotten about my childhood passion for rollerskating until I saw this.

        1. I still roller skate and my kids too. they should have an audition I would do it in a second!

  2. Love this video on so many levels! To settle an bet, did the girls skate on the road or were they filmed in a studio and edited it?

    1. They filmed it on location, no green screen or cgi. Just great skating, cinematography, lighting and editing!

  3. Just saw the video and, as a figure skater, could tell the skating was exceptional – esp. on asphalt and at night! Appreciate the background info and skater support, esp. regarding the usual Neanderthal-level comments one encounters on public forums.

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